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Warranty Terms

Section 1: Product will be warranted for FREE should meet the following requirements:

1. The product is within warranty and warranty registration.

2. Products damaged due to technical fault of the manufacturer.

3. Warranty Card must be presented upon request free warranty. In case of necessity, the customer must present the purchase receipt.

4. The machine serial number, product type on the machine must coincide with the machine's serial number & model on the warranty card. The serial number on the product must be intact, not shaved repair, patchwork, or being stuck on top of any other object.

5. Warranty Card must be intact, must clearly show the customer name and date of purchase, not patchwork, not erased.

6. Within one year warranty, the product may malfunction or breakdown, customers please contact the nearest maintenance station for advice free warranty.

NOTE: In the event of need to move products to the warranty station to repair the station's technical maintenance will be decided and in this case, the customer must pay shipping costs from home to the station product warranty and vice versa.


1. Product warranty has expired.

2. No warranty or invoices related to the product.

3. The machine serial number, model on the product does not coincide with the machine's serial number, model on the warranty card.

4. Products damaged by natural disasters, floods, lightning, fire or due to transportation cracked, dented, broken, scratched.

5. Products damaged due to improper use as directed, due to improper installation techniques, due to incorrect power supplies, unstable voltage or frequency.

6. Is the rusted, stained by corrosion or by liquid flowing into

7. Products have removable signs, repair replacement parts elsewhere outside the warranty station Sanyo.

8. The accessories supplied with the product is not warranted components. Example: perks, some other accessories like filters attached preliminary fabric, mesh deodorant, batteries etc ..

9. The case required hygiene products, maintenance products not included in warranty items.

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